We are a collective of cybersecurity and software development experts.



We are a group of software engineers, hackers, and security experts. We get hired to work on security and software assignments that require deep technical expertise and experience.

The team consists of experts in web development and security, low-level languages, operating systems, virtual machines, compilers, cryptography, and reverse engineering. Several of us are also members of top-ranked European CTF teams, with many victories and zero-days on the CV.

What does that mean for you? We can identify security flaws in your apps and infrastructure, optimize the performance of your software, teach your employees the latest security and hacking techniques, or build secure systems to your specifications. We enjoy a good challenge!

We are based in different cities in Europe and work remotely, but also regularly travel to work on-site with customers or teach training classes.

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We secure

We analyze your source code or compiled binaries looking for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in logic, cryptography, memory safety, protocols, and more. No matter if it is desktop, web, mobile, or embedded.

  • We identify security flaws in business-critical software before attackers do
  • We extract firmware from embedded devices and analyze for weaknesses
  • We find logic bugs and memory corruption vulnerabilities without source code
  • We review your web and API services for common OWASP and exotic issues
  • We discover extractable secrets or intellectual property (tokens, keys, AI models)


  • Secure code auditing
  • Embedded device security
  • Binary exploitation
  • Architecture security review
  • Supply chain risk analysis

We teach

We create and facilitate courses and workshops for your engineering and security teams on a variety of technical topics. We always tailor the lessons and challenges to your needs.

Our most popular workshops:
  • OWASP Top 10: Hands-on web security
  • Introduction to reverse engineering for mobile developers
  • Introduction to blackbox analysis for systems programmers
  • A deep-dive into static and dynamic analysis
  • Advanced binary de-obfuscation techniques
  • Cryptanalysis for reverse engineers
  • Protecting apps against cloning and counterfitting attacks


  • DevSecOps
  • Web security
  • Reverse engineering
  • Applied cryptography
  • Capture The Flag events

We optimize

Thanks to our deep understanding of CPU architecture and operating systems, we are able to optimize algorithms and critical workloads, sometimes by safely rewriting in lower-level languages.

  • We improve the performance of your existing apps using native code safely
  • We speed up algorithms and mathematical operations using CPU/GPU vectorization
  • We eliminate wasteful procedures to reduce the memory footprint of software
  • We perform analysis and benchmarking of workloads, before and after optimization


  • Performance optimization
  • Memory footprint reduction
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Distributed systems
  • Process automation

We build

We are comfortable at the binary level, so we can easily interface with unmaintained software, embedded devices, and legacy systems. While always putting security and safety first.

  • We replace unmaintained and legacy systems with new and secure ones
  • We extend legacy system functionality without access to the source code
  • We advise on choosing authentication schemes and cryptographic protocols
  • We design custom cryptographic protocols that fit your needs
  • We rewrite critical components safely in lower-level languages


  • Replacing legacy systems
  • Web and backend services
  • Embedded firmware
  • Secure communication
  • Mobile apps

We look forward to hacking with you.

We are happy to discuss your projects and needs for free.
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